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Creating wealth

Economic Misalignment: The Problem 

Let’s be blunt about the situation in Haiti: the reasons why mothers can’t feed their children, young people can’t afford educations, and fathers don’t have jobs are vast. Corruption is one plague, for instance. The national debt to Petrocaribe, Venezuela’s energy-based diplomatic program that supplies…



Daniel brings business and development expertise to diverse, global audiences in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Sharing his insights with colleges like Notre Dame University in the United States and development initiatives like Cuenca Partners in Ecuador and Business as Mission in Thailand, Daniel’s vision…

Business, Design, Life, Poverty elimination


In From Aid to Trade, Daniel presents the pioneering concept of opportunity-based economic development ( OBED). OBED is the idea that both assets and liabilities can be transformed into market opportunities to meet demand profitably. Laying bare the vast opportunity cost of decades of failed…



Daniel owns the highly rated Trinity Lodge in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and manages Bridge Capital Haiti, a private investment firm supporting businesses in the country. Trinity Lodge is the winner of a TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award in 2014. Daniel keeps the lodge competitive by maintaining international…