Below you’ll find short introductions to concepts developed in From Aid to Trade.

Daniel Jean- Louis among 7 people receiving doctorate degree by Liberty University last Saturday, including sitting US president Donald Trump

May 15, 2017 | Non classé |

Liberty celebrated the accomplishments of the following individuals during Commencement weekend: (Photo by Leah Seavers) United States President Donald Trump, Honorary Doctor of Laws After introducing Trump as the keynote speaker for Saturday’s Commencement, Liberty President Jerry Falwell, along with Provost and Chief Academic...

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Economic Misalignment: The Problem

Aug 06, 2016 | Development |

Let’s be blunt about the situation in Haiti: the reasons why mothers can’t feed their children, young people can’t afford educations, and fathers don’t have jobs are vast. Corruption is one plague, for instance. The national debt to Petrocaribe, Venezuela’s energy-based diplomatic program that...

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