Create Platforms for Connecting: Fostering NGO-Business Partnerships

Facilitate communication between the aid sector and the private business sector by creating platforms for connecting. From before the 2010 earthquake and beyond 2016’s Hurricane Matthew, foreign aid represents the largest opportunity cost in the Haitian economy. Aid and development agencies are currently misaligned to the needs of the local market. As a market economy, […]



“Buy Local: Balanced Transactions for Sustainable Growth”

Market economies and balanced transactions— Haiti has always been a market economy—even before it was Haiti. The indigenous people of Hispaniola, then colonists, then enslaved people, and finally citizens of the new Republic traded goods and services, transacting to sustain life. This is a basic human practice. Transactions can be thought of as balanced or […]



Economic Misalignment: The Problem

Let’s be blunt about the situation in Haiti: the reasons why mothers can’t feed their children, young people can’t afford educations, and fathers don’t have jobs are vast. Corruption is one plague, for instance. The national debt to Petrocaribe, Venezuela’s energy-based diplomatic program that supplies oil to the Haitian government with deferred payments,

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