How Aid Organizations, Businesses, and Governments Can Work Together: Lessons Learned From Haiti

Written in collaboration with Jacqueline Klamer, From Aid to Trade provides interviews, case studies, and macroeconomic analysis to explain the vast opportunity cost presented by failed aid initiatives in Haiti—and how those liabilities can be leveraged to meet demand profitably and sustainably through opportunity-based economic development.


“International aid groups have been ‘focusing on supplying food and shelter,’ says Daniel Jean-Louis, a business professor at the State University of Haiti and Quisqueya University who also works as a consultant for local business groups in Port-au-Prince. ‘Nobody has talked yet about businesses resuming and people getting back to work.’’
“From Aid To Trade refuses to simply be another book about aid: it’s also a point of departure for an entire information campaign here and abroad about the potential failures of aid and, more importantly, about the lessons and best practices, learned in Haiti, that are just waiting to be replicated and oriented into a coherent politics of aid.”
Le Nouvelliste (leading Haitian newspaper)